Make a financial gift to Leech Lake Legacy with a one-time or "Legacy of Love" monthly donation.

We rely on the generosity of the animal-loving community to deliver our programs day in and day out, and we are careful stewards of the financial gifts given to us.  Your financial gift combined with our cooperative work with other organizations and the able hands of our volunteers means that we can effectively and efficiently impact thousands of animals each year.

Signing on as a "Legacy of Love" monthly donor is the easiest way to support the mission of Leech Lake Legacy. Your monthly gift provides a consistent, reliable stream of income that allows us to help as many animals as possible take the next step on their journey to a better life. Whether it’s through our surrender and transport program, wellness clinics, spay/neuter program, or providing necessary supplies for pet owners, our Legacy of Love circle members make it possible for us to carry out our very important work that is creating better lives for animals and the people who love them.

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